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Why Should I White Label POS Software?

White label Point of Sale software (POS) is software that an ISO or merchant uses and brands for itself that is developed by an independent software vendor. For example, here at Zuza, we provide a White Label Super App that is fully customized for any company and loaded with features to meet the needs of any business vertical. 

White label software is provided as a blank slate to a reseller which allows them to add branding and create custom features. They can then resell that software to merchants and other companies as their own. The benefit is that companies can access powerful and well-developed software without having to invest large amounts of capital to build it.

Here are four more ways white label POS software benefits resellers:

Building Brand Credibility

Branding is one of the most important aspects of growing a business and something B2B or retail customers expect. In fact, 46% of customers pay more for brands they trust.

Brand identity defines what your business is all about and how it creates value for others. Yet most resellers and ISOs are selling other people's software and building the brand awareness of other businesses. By having a white label point of sale solution, you are building trustworthiness and expertise with merchants. Two important keys to credibility. 

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is more important than ever. We live in a time when people have a tremendous amount of influence on their business and purchasing decisions. Retaining merchants and keeping their loyalty should be the bedrock of any ISO. 

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White labeling builds trust with your merchants, gives you control over your platform, and allows you to focus on serving your customers. All things that equal better loyalty and retention. 

Expanded Product Offerings for ISOs

 For the average independent sales organization, it can be difficult to onboard merchants across multiple business verticals. By expanding your software offerings, you can reach more merchants and break into business niches that may have been unavailable to you before.  

Reduced Short-Term Costs

Building software is time-consuming and expensive.  By partnering with a white label provider like Zuza, you can spend your time selling, managing, and onboarding clients without spending enormous amounts of capital and years of software development. We do the hard work of creating and managing a secure platform, so you can focus on building your company and brand. 

Why Zuza?

Sales become much easier when you are selling a great product. Here at Zuza, we provide thousands of features within our omnichannel Super App. We know the software needs for a restaurant are very different from the needs of an auto shop and have built a flexible platform that serves any business vertical. By having a true omnichannel white label Super App, you can offer one platform to any of your merchants and do so with your own branded software.

Zuza is currently pumping out some of the most advanced multi-vertical, all-in-one business software and we want to show you what we can do. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our reseller program and see how you can better serve your merchants! Reach out to us at and visit us at

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