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Zuza Launches App Marketplace and Quickbooks Integration

SCOTTSDALE, October 3, 2022 -- Zuza today, announced the opening of Zuza Marketplace within their Super App platform with the launch of two new apps, Marketing Pro and Connect for QuickBooks Integration. The Zuza Marketplace is now available for merchants and will provide a platform to bring merchants and developers together, expanding the functionality of the software and offering premium tools and integration of 3rd party software.

“The Marketplace is a great platform to offer premium tools like Marketing Pro and bring in 3rd party software like QuickBooks. Marketing Pro is perfect for businesses that want more marketing bandwidth, analytics, and better customer tracking. By adding these premium tools and QuickBooks integration we are making the Super App even more powerful.” said Danny Mikhail, CEO, and founder of Zuza.

Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is a premium app that seamlessly runs within the Zuza platform. Easily track customer data, create targeted email and text campaigns, and create custom email templates within our design editor with access to thousands of stock images. Marketing Pro organizes customer analytics so you can send better campaigns and never miss a chance to make a sale.

QuickBooks Integration

Zuza seamlessly imports your sales transactions into QuickBooks online, all without having to lift a finger. Zuza Connect eliminates time consuming steps by automatically pushing all key data points straight to QuickBooks so your accounting is perfect every time. Zuza automatically syncs your sales by category, tips, surcharge, gratuity, delivery charges and payments by tender type as separate line items every day and automatically keeps taxable and non-taxable items separate for error proof accounting. 

About Zuza:

Zuza is an industry-leading, omnichannel Super App that provides a simple solution for businesses of any size and vertical. With thousands of features, fully customizable settings, and full white-label functionality, Zuza is changing the way businesses use software forever.  

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